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1993 Volunteers: How helping others helps you change your world
The Washington Post Magazine, December 19, 1993 Walt Harrington Article Download
1977 VOLUNTEERS: How to Find them...How to Keep Them! (Canada)
Published by VARC, British Columbia, Canada, February 1977 Mike Haines Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1975 Volunteers: The Great Debate (cover story, several related articles)
MS Magazine, February 1975 Gloria Steinem, Eugenie Bolger, Ellen Sulzberger Strauss, Margaret A. Sanborn, Caroline Bird Article Download
1983 Volunteers: Their Reasons and Rewards
Women's Committee of the President's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped, Washington, DC Charles M. Bonjean Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1989 VOLUNTEERS: What Are They Worth?
Management Accounting John Paul Dalsimer Article Download
1984 VOLUNTEERS: Who Know What's in It for Them
MS Magazine, December 1984 Wendy Kaminer Article Download
1993 Volunteers: Eager and Active in Australia
Journal of Volunteer Administration Margaret Helman Article Download
1977 Volunteers: How to Find Them, How to Keep Them
Mike Haines Book Download
1992 Volunteers: The Overlooked and Undervalued Asset
Journal of Volunteer Administration Linda L. Darling, Roberta d. Stavole Article Download
1977 Volunteers? -- Yes!! -- But --
GSUSA News, excerpted from New York Times, June 6, 1977 Eva Schindler-Rainman Article Download
1992 VOLUNTEUROPE First European Workshop on Volunteer Action (opening speech)
Energize, Inc. Susan J. Ellis Download
2007 Voluntourism Trips for Do-Gooders
Forbes June 20, 2007 Aaron Dalton Article Download
2002 Waiting for the Call
Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2002 Albert R. Hunt Article Download
1978 WANTED: Choir Members
Choristers Guild Sample Download
1978 Wasted Resources: Handicapped, Youth, Aged and Retiring
Volunteerism Consortium, University of California at Davis, February 26, 1978 (speech) Harriet H. Naylor Download
1986 We Can Make a Difference: A Youth Participation Training Manual
Nassau County Youth Board, Mineola, NY Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1988 We Like Property Tax Workoff Idea
The Coloradoan, January 14, 1988 Article Download
2000's? We Make Heroes Out of Just About Anybody
VolunteerMatch Sample Download
1982 We the People, Inc. -- Teenagers Serving Their Community
Journal of Volunteer Administration Kathy Litwack Article Download
1996 Welfare Reform Brings "Community Service" to Some Counties
County News, National Association of Counties, May 27, 1996 Peter Lane Article Download
1998 Welfare Reform: What the Religious Community Brings to the Partnership
Journal of Volunteer Administration Bob Wineburg Article
1988 Welfare to Work -- New Legislation Contains Sweeping Changes
The Networkers newsletter Article Download
1994 What Are the Motivational Needs Behind Volunteer Work?
Journal of Volunteer Administration Autumn Danoff, Surelle Kopel Article Download
2005 What Coordinators of Palliative Care Volunteers in New Brunswick, Canada Have to Say About Themselves, and their Program Management Practices (Canada)
Journal of Volunteer Administration Stephen Claxton-Oldfield, Jane Claxton-Oldfield Article Download
1980's What is a Service-Learning Agreement?
SYNERGIST Article Download
1975 What is a Service-Learning Agreement?
SYNERGIST magazine, National School Volunteer Program (part of ACTION) Article Download
2002 What is DO SOMETHING?
DO SOMETHING website download, 1/7/2002 Article Download
1980 What is UNV? (United Nations Volunteers)
United Nations Volunteers, Geneva Switzerland Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1992 What Makes an Effective Volunteer Administrator? -- Viewpoints from Several Practitioners
Voluntary Action Leadership, Summer 1992 Linda Thornburg Article Download
1982 What Makes the Director of Volunteers "Different"?
Energize, Inc. Susan J. Ellis Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1977 What Next? An International Perspective on the Future of Service Program for Secondary Students
SYNERGIST magazine, National School Volunteer Program (part of ACTION) Dorothea E. Woods Article
2004 What They Really Want: Assessing Psychological Contracts of Volunteers
Journal of Volunteer Administration Joy Turnheim Article Download
1977 What to Look for In A Volunteer Experience
SYNERGIST, Winter 1977 Tim Wernette Article Download
1989 What Voluntary Activity Can and Cannot Do for America
Independent Sector, September/October 1989 Brian O'Connell Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1999 What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers

Packed with the advice, wisdom, and experience of over 85 real-life, on-the-job supervisors of volunteers, this guide offers a crystal clear analysis of what works and what doesn't in supervision. It also includes comments from volunteers about what they need from those who supervise them, as well as excerpts from classic articles and books by experts in the field and a self-assessment survey covering the attitudes and actions necessary to be an effective supervisor. 

Energize Jarene Frances Lee Book Download
1982 What You Should Know About the Legal Definition of "Volunteer"
Voluntary Action Leadership, Fall 1982 Robert A. Christenson Article Download
1998 What young people want from volunteering (United Kingdom)
The National Centre for Volunteering, London UK Katharine Gaskin Report / Study Download
1993 What's different about training volunteers?
Training and Development Journal, July 1984 Article Download
1990 What's in a $alary?
Voluntary Action Leadership, Winter 1990 Article Download
2001 What's In A Name? A volunteer by any other name
The NonProfit Times, November 2001 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
2005 What's in it for Me and My Agency? A Survey on the Benefits of Engaging Volunteers with Disabilities
Journal of Volunteer Administration Kimberly D. Miller, Stuart J. Schleien, Paula Brooke, Mary Merrill Article Download
2004 What's The Difference? Using student interns and volunteers
The NonProfit Times, March 2004 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1996 When All Else Fails: Releasing a Volunteer
Journal of Volunteer Administration Shirley M. Lundin Article Download
1992 When Everyone's a Volunteer: The Effective Functioning of All-Volunteer Groups

Provides an innovative framework for successfully leading an  all-volunteer effort, whether it's a service club, community group, PTA, or religious congregation. Scheier challenges conventional wisdom  about boards, fundraising, and membership development when applied to  grassroots volunteer efforts. A highlight of the book is a collection  of easy-to-conduct group interaction exercises.

Energize Ivan H. Scheier Book Download
2001 When In Amsterdam...Global perspectives on volunteering
The NonProfit Times, March 2001 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1994 When Recognition Isn't Enough
"On Volunteers" column in The Nonprofit Times, May 1994 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1998 When Volunteers Grieve
Journal of Volunteer Administration Ona Rita Yufe Article Download
1978 Where Are We Now?
U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Volunteer Development, May 1978 Harriet H. Naylor Download
1983 Where Does the Time Go? Volunteering During Leisure Time
United Media Enterprises survey Report / Study Download
2010 White Collarist Volunteerism
Making Chutney blog Article Download