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1988 Empowering a Profession: Seeing Ourselves as More than Subsidiary
Journal of Volunteer Administration Ivan H. Scheier Article Download
1988 Enabling College Students to Volunteer
Journal of Volunteer Administration Catherine Milton Article Download
1987 Encouraging and Mentoring the Executive Volunteer
Journal of Volunteer Administration Joanne Holbrook Patton Article Download
1990 Encouraging Signs? A Report on a Survey of Black Participation in Voluntary Organisations (United Kingdom)
The National Coalition for Black Volunteering and The Volunteer Centre UK Report / Study Download
1986 End the liability of volunteering
Chicago Tribune, August 24, 1986 U.S. Rep. John Porter Article Download
1988 Energizing Corporate Volunteerism
Journal of Volunteer Administration Jeanne Klug Article Download
2000's? Engaging families in community-oriented volunteering -- National Family Volunteer Day
VFW and Points of Light Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2000? Engaging the Next Generation: How Nonprofits Can Reach Young Adults
The Advertising Council, New York, NY Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2005 Engaging Volunteers with Disabilities: A Qualitative Study
Journal of Volunteer Administration Suzanne Stroud, Kimberly D. Miller, Stuart J. Schleien Article Download
1987 Enhancing Business and Corporate Connections
Journal of Volunteer Administration Diane Foucar-Szocki, Donna Jones Freeman Article Download
1982 Enhancing Volunteerism in Ohio
Volunteer Action Center of Franklin County, Columbus, OH Report / Study Download
1981 Entrance and Promotion Examinations for Volunteer Resources Coordinators in Departments of Aging and Public Welfare
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1991 Episodic Volunteering: Building the Short-Term Volunteer Program
MBA Publishing, Walla Walla, WA 1991 Nancy Macduff Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1984 Equal Access to Volunteer Participation
Journal of Volunteer Administration Paula Beugen Article Download
1970's-'80s Erma Bombeck Columns on Volunteers (several articles)
Several newspapers Erma Bombeck Article Download
1989 Essential Volunteer Management

The 1989 edition of Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch's basic text on operating all facets of volunteer involvement. 

VM Systems Steve McCurley, Rick Lynch Book Download
1987 Ethical Issues in Volunteer Management and Accountability
Briefly Stated newsletter, National Association of Social Workers, Inc. F. Ellen Netting Article Download
1987 Ethics for Volunteer Administrators
Voluntary Action Leadership, Fall/Winter 1987 Mary A. Culp Article Download
1979 Ethics in Volunteerism: A Beginning Dialogue
Voluntary Action Leadership, Winter 1979 Putnam Barber, Ivan H. Scheier Article Download
2001 Ethnocultural Communities and Formal Volunteering: an Exploratory Study
Journal of Volunteer Administration Behnam Behnia, Betty Bergin Article Download
1991 Evaluating a Museum's Volunteer Program
Journal of Volunteer Administration Shirley M. Lundin Article Download
1999 Evaluating Individual Board Members: A Training Summary
Journal of Volunteer Administration Barry L. Boyd Article Download
2001 Evaluating the Impact of Volunteer Programs
Journal of Volunteer Administration Ken Culp, Martha A. Nall Article Download
1988 Evaluation for Volunteers Program and Performance (Canada)
Humber College Certificate Program in Fundamentals of Volunteer Management, Ontario, Canada Elaine White, Thea Jenkins Report / Study Download
1985 Evaluation of Accountants for the Public Interest - New Jersey
Savant Associates, Inc., Princeton, NJ, September 1984 Report / Study Download
1987 Evaluation of Volunteer Efforts
The Journal of Arts Management and the Law, Summer 1987 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1980 Evaluation of Volunteer Program
Unknown Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1989 Everyone Can Win: Creative Resolution of Conflict
Journal of Volunteer Administration Nancy A. Gaston Article Download
1994 Everything You Need To Do Before You Begin To Recruit: Research

The first booklet in PROVOL's Volunteer Management Made Easy Series, which includes: Research, Recruit, Retain, and Recognize.  This booklet on Research covers the work to be done before that new volunteer walks through the door for the first time, even when the pressure to recruit new volunteers can be pretty intense.

PROVOL, Mess, AZ Jim Bottorf, Judy Bottorf, Maggie King Book Download
2020 Evolution of Job Titles and Labels for Our Field
Katherine H. Campbell, Skye Consulting, Richmond, VA Katherine H. (Noyes) Campbell Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1980? Examples of Citizen Participation in Local Governments
Virginia Division of Volunteerism, Richmond, VA Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1985 Examples of Volunteer Center Activity
VOLUNTEER: The National Center Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1980 Executive Order Number 48 Outlines New Policies Concerning Volunteers
North Carolina Visions. May/June 1980 Article Download
1989 Exempt Employees (explanation of FLSA laws & policy)
Thompson Publishing Group, Inc. May 1989 Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1979 Experience and Training Records: Volunteer Recognition That Counts
Volunteer Administration, Volume XI, Number 1 Pat Hardy Article Download
2001 Experiences and Perceptions of Volunteering in Indigenous and non-English Speaking Background Communities (AUSTRALIA)
Dept. of State Aboriginal Affairs, South Australian Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs Commission, Volunteering SA, and the University of South Australia Lorraine Kerr, Harry Savelsberg, Syd Sparrow, Deidre Tedmanson Report / Study Download
1993 Experiential Environmental Education in Russia: A Study in Community Service Learning
PHI DELTA KAPPAN, May 2000 Harry C. Silcox Article Download
1969 Exploring the New Worlds of Voluntarism: A Workshop for Directors of Volunteer Programs in Health Facilities and Community Agencies
University of Maryland, December 1969 Stanley Levin, Evelyn Swartz Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1980 Exploring Volunteer Space

Exploring Volunteer Space: The Recruiting of a Nation is Ivan Scheier’s exploration of the universe of volunteering. Ivan ponders much of what volunteering can be and a great deal of what would happen in volunteering in the future. While Exploring Volunteer Space is a highly conceptual work, it has great and continuing relevance to practitioners who think about the development of volunteer engagement.

VOLUNTEER: The National Center for Citizen Involvement Ivan H. Scheier Book Download
1987 Facing Realities: The Need to Develop a Political Agenda for Volunteerism
Journal of Volunteer Administration Charles M. Wheeler Article Download
1996 Factors Characterizing the Most Effective Nonprofits Managed by Volunteers
Nonprofit Management & Leadership, Vol 6, No. 3, Spring 1996 David Horton Smith, Ce Shen Article Download
1997 Factors Related to Volunteer Commitment in Church-Related Services
A Dissertation submitted to National Catholic School of Social Service of The Catholic University of America, 1997 Marilyn Christian Nelson Report / Study Download
1991 Fair Labor Standards Act as pertains to volunteers
Excerpts from FLSA Handbook and BNA Wage and Hour Manual Handout / Fact Sheet Download
2003 Faith and voluntary action: community, values and resources (United Kingdom)
Institute for Volunteering Research, London, UK September 2003 Report / Study Download
1988 Faith in Action (1988 Annual Conference for Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers)
National Federation of Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers, Inc., Kingston, NY Sample Download
1983 Families Volunteer: A Workbook for Involving Families
VOLUNTEER: The National Center for Citizen Involvement, Arlington, VA Kerry Kenn Allen, Sarah Harrison Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1990's Family Matters -- information packet & articles on family volunteering
Points of Light Foundation, Washington, DC Handout / Fact Sheet Download
2002 Family Volunteering - Ready, Set, Go

A handbook developed for Volunteer Centers, offering tools needed to add family volunteering to existing community involvement activities. There are tips and tricks for every Volunteer Center, from inviting families to join single days of service to creating an entire mission for promoting volunteering by families.

Points of Light Foundation Marie Bouvier Book Download
2002 Family Volunteering: A New Meaning to "Family Time" (several articles0
Newsletter of the Volunteer Center National Network, Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network, Vol. 8, No. 4, November 2002 Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1994 Family Volunteering: A Report on a Survey
Points of Light Foundation, June 1994 Report / Study Download