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1995 A Year of Service Learning: CSV Education Annual Report 1994-95 (United Kingdom)
Community Service Volunteers, London United Kingdom Report / Study Download
2002 A Zen Approach to Volunteer Management
Journal of Volunteer Administration Michael L Barnett, Gloria Cahill Article Download
1973 ABC's of School Volunteers: Help wanted in all public and private schools
Channing L. Bete Co., Inc., South Deerfield, MA Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1977 Academic Credit for Volunteer Experience
Minnesota Governor's Office of Volunteer Service, Special Project Summary Report / Study Download
1986 Accent on Recognition: Saying Thank You to Donors and Volunteers
Philanthropic Service for Institutions, Adventist World Headquarters, Washington, DC Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1975 Accident and Liability Insurance Plans for ACTION Older Americans Volunteer Programs
ACTION: The Domestic Volunteer Agency, Washington, DC Sample Download
1979 Accountability: Food for Thought
Energize, Inc., Philadelphia, PA Susan J. Ellis Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1987 Accountants for the Public Interest
Accounting Class Paper Wilma S. Hanna Report / Study Download
1987 Accountants Volunteer Time, Expertise
Management Accounting, October 1987 Kathy Williams Article Download
1992 Accounting for Volunteer Services in a Charitable Organization
ReeseBrothers, Pittsburg, PA David J. Harr, James T. Godfrey, Robert H. Frank Report / Study Download
1994 Acting on Principle: Goals and Guidelines for Volunteer Development in the YMCA Movement
YMCA of the USA Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1984 Action Planning to Enhance Training Program Results
Journal of Volunteer Administration Frederick John Gies Article Download
1979 ACTION Reauthorization/National Commission on Volunteerism
United Way of America, Vice President of Government Relations Jack Moskowitz Article Download
1985 Activist Lawyer: Glria Allred defies the "do-gooder" stereotype and practices her own brand of "performance law"
MS. Magazine, November 1985 Zina Klapper Article Download
1998 Adapting Screening Practices for Short-Term Volunteers (sample forms)
Conference handouts Ann Byrnes, Vince Clay Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1984 Addendum to "Money Talks"
Journal of Volunteer Administration G. Neil Karn Article Download
1983 Administration and Management of Self-Help/Mutual-Help Senior Citizen Centers by Volunteers -- A Training Manual
Philadelphia Department of Public Welfare, Philadelphia, PA Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1979 Administration of Voluntary Service as Professional Work
Harriet H. Naylor Article Download
1987 Administration of Volunteer Programs as a Career: What Role for Higher Education?
Journal of Voluntary Action Research, Volume 15, Number 4 Harold W. Stubblefield, Leroy Miles Article Download
1985 Administrative Lessons from Volunteer Profiles
Journal of Volunteer Administration Anthony E.O. King I, David F. Gillespie Article Download
1982 Administrative Volunteers Are Worth Their Weight in Gold!

How-to article

Human Development News, November-December 1982 Katherine H. (Noyes) Campbell Article Download
1992 Administrators of Volunteer Services: Their Needs for Training and Research
Nonprofit Management & Leadership, Vol 2, No. 3, Spring 1992 Jeffrey L. Brudney Article Download
1991 Advanced Leadership for Volunteer Programs
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA Sample Download
2000 Advancing the Volunteer Administration Field: Implications for the AVA and American Humanics Partnership in the New Millennium
Journal of Volunteer Administration Robert F. Ashcraft Article Download
1987 Advocacy-Proactive/Reactive A Model Volunteer Advocacy Program in Health Care
Journal of Volunteer Administration Paul Ruiz-Salomon, Leonard Tuzman, Elaine Wolbrom Article Download
1992 Advocates for Change
Journal of Volunteer Administration Anne R. Dalton Article Download
1995 African-American Participation in Mainstream Greater Richmond Voluntary Organizations: A Report From The Field
Journal of Volunteer Administration Nelson Wikstrom Article Download
1999 Age Differences in Volunteer Participation
Journal of Volunteer Administration Beverly Black, Ronald L. Jirovic Article Download
2001 Agency Disaster Response Tabletop Exercise: A Training Design
Walter G. Green Article Download
1977 Agency Volunteer Directors Voice Issues, Concerns, New Project Ideas
SYNERGIST, Winter 1977 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1988 Aggressive Recruitment of Volunteers Urged for Basic Social Services
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 25, 1988 Merin Wexler Article Download
1992 AIDS, HOSPICE AND VOLUNTEERS: The Casey House Volunteer Program (case study)
Journal of Volunteer Administration Gloria Murrant, Steffanie Strathdee Article Download
1987 All Expenses Paid? The reimbursement of expenses to volunteers (United Kingdom)
The Volunteer Centre UK, London Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2005 Altruism or Self-Actualisation? Disabled Volunteers' Perceptions of the Benefits of Volunteering (United Kingdom)
Journal of Volunteer Administration Jane Andrews Article Download
2001 America's Family Volunteers: Civic Participation is a Family Matter
Independent Sector Report / Study Download
1997 America's Promise: Five Fundamental Resources for Children and Youth
America's Promise: The Alliance for Youth Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1986 America's Voluntary Spirit
Journal of Volunteer Administration Brian O'Connell Article Download
1972 American Voluntarism: An Anti-History with Anti-Heroines
University of California, Irvine Lucille Kuehn Report / Study Download
1969 AMERICANS VOLUNTEER (national survey on volunteering)
U.S. Department of Labor, Manpower Administration, April 1969 Report / Study Download
1982 Americans Volunteer - 1981 (Gallup Survey)
Independent Sector, Washington, DC Report / Study Download
1975 Americans Volunteer 1974 -- A statistical study of volunteers in the United States
ACTION: The Agency for Volunteer Service, Washington, DC February 1975 Report / Study Download
1994 AmeriCorps and Corporate America
SERVICE, Points of Light Foundation, Winter 1994 Chuck J. Supple Article Download
1995 Americorps: First Year Review
Corporation for National Service, Washington, DC Report / Study Download
2001 An Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector
Voluntary Sector Initiative Secretariat, Ottawa, ON Canada December 2001 Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1980 An Act Creating a Legislative Commission on Volunteerism and Citizen Participation (Rhode Island)
Rhode Island General Assembly Download
1978 An Analysis of Citizen Involvement in Voluntary Associations: Sub-Section and City-Wide
Paper resented at 1978 Annual Meeting of the Council of University Institutes for Urban Affairs, October 1978 Edward H. Hanten, Mark A. Reyer Report / Study Download
1987 An Analysis of Volunteer Protection Legislation
Prepared for the American Association of Retired Persons, September 1987 Stephen H. McCurley Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1984 An Aspect of the Accounting Profession's Social Commitment
Journal of Volunteer Administration John Paul Dalsimer, Paul E. Dascher, James J. Benjamin Article Download
1979 An Aspect of the Profession's Social Commitment
The CPA Journal, November 1979, Volume XLIX, Number 11 John Paul Dalsimer, Paul E. Dascher Article Download
1988 An End to the "Me" Generation: Getting Students to Volunteer
Journal of Volunteer Administration Wayne W. Meisel Article Download