This is a full alphabetized list of our archived digital books. Most were in Susan Ellis’ resource library and/or published by Energize during the 20th century and reflect the evolving body of knowledge related to leadership and management of volunteers. Author permission has been obtained where appropriate and feasible. Our policy is not to digitize/archive books which are still being sold elsewhere. These books can be downloaded at no cost.

Authors Published
Book cover with Marlene Wilson's photo Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs: Insight and Inspiration from the Speeches of Marlene Wilson

Marlene Wilson moves from the hows to the whys of leading volunteer programs. She urges all who lead volunteers to move beyond thinking of themselves as managers to thinking of themselves as leaders—those who develop vision for volunteer programs and impart that vision throughout an organization. Includes16 of her most popular presentations from 1974 to 1999.

Marlene Wilson 2008
Voluntarism at the Crossroads
Gordon Manser, Rosemary Higgins Cass 1976
bookcover Volunteer Administration: Readings for the Practitioner
Larry F. Moore, John C. Anderson 1977
Book cover with balloons Volunteer Recognition Skit Kit

This collection of seven original skits is complete with instructions, scripts and ideas for adaptation. Each skit incorporates songs using well-known popular music with lyrics written for the volunteer recognition occasion. Song sheets can be used separately.

Arlene Grubbs, Evelyn Levine 1992
Bookcover Volunteer Recruiting and Retention: A Marketing Approach
Nancy Macduff 1985
Bookcover Volunteer Training and Development: A Manual
Anne K. Stenzel, Helen M. Feeney 1976
Bookcover Volunteer Training for Courts and Corrections
Ivan H. Scheier, James D. Jorgensen 1973
Volunteer Training: A Short Course (PART 1)
Nancy Macduff 2008
Volunteer Training: A Short Course (PART 2)
Nancy Macduff 2008
Volunteer Training: A Short Course (PART 3)
Nancy Macduff 2008
Bookcover Volunteering as a Family: How to Get Involved
Bookcover Volunteerism in the Arts
Volunteerism in the Eighties
John D. Harmon 1982
Cover title Volunteerism: An Emerging Profession
John G. Cull, Richard E. Hardy 1974
Bookcover Volunteers
Armand Lauffer, Sarah Gorodezky 1977
Bookcover Volunteers - A Guide For Volunteers And Their Organisations
Mary Woods 1998
Volunteers and Paid Workers: A Collaborative Approach (Australia)
Joy Noble 1997
Bookcover Volunteers for People in Need
Bookcover Volunteers in Action
Brian O'Connell, Ann Brown O'Connell 1989
Volunteers in Community Service
Guion Griffis Johnson 1967
Volunteers in Rehabilitation
Volunteers Today: Finding, Training and Working with Them
Harriet H. Naylor 1973
Bookcover Volunteers Wanted: A Practical Guide to Finding and Keeping Good Volunteers
Jo Bryan Rusin 1999
Bookcover Volunteers: How to Find Them, How to Keep Them
Mike Haines 1977
Book cover with title and splashes of purple and red What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers

Packed with the advice, wisdom, and experience of over 85 real-life, on-the-job supervisors of volunteers, this guide offers a crystal clear analysis of what works and what doesn't in supervision. It also includes comments from volunteers about what they need from those who supervise them, as well as excerpts from classic articles and books by experts in the field and a self-assessment survey covering the attitudes and actions necessary to be an effective supervisor. 

Jarene Frances Lee 1999
Book cover with caricatures of three people moving plants When Everyone's a Volunteer: The Effective Functioning of All-Volunteer Groups

Provides an innovative framework for successfully leading an  all-volunteer effort, whether it's a service club, community group, PTA, or religious congregation. Scheier challenges conventional wisdom  about boards, fundraising, and membership development when applied to  grassroots volunteer efforts. A highlight of the book is a collection  of easy-to-conduct group interaction exercises.

Ivan H. Scheier 1992
Women, Work and Volunteering
Herta Loeser 1974
Cover art holding hands You Can Make a Difference: Helping Yourself and Others Through Volunteering

Back cover: Why do people volunteer? People help other people because they have learned one of life's great secrets: help one other person and you will also help yourself and your community.  You Can Make a Difference is a celebration of the spirit of giving and a guide for those who want to take a step toward a more fulfilling life. 

Marlene Wilson 1990
You Can Teach Others: A Professional Approach to Volunteer Training
Ida Rush George 1985
Bookcover Your Volunteer Program
Mary T. Swanson 1970