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1983 National Year of Partnerships in Education 1983-1984 (Presidential Proclamation) The White House, Office of Private Sector Initiatives, September 1983 Download
1977 National School Volunteer Program Speech given in New Orleans, LA April 5, 1977 Harriet H. Naylor Download
1983 Volunteer Mileage Bill: Congresswoman Mikulski Press Release & Legislation Barbara A. Mikulski Download
1980 Community Relations & Volunteerism Human Resources Network, Philadelphia, PA Download
1980's? Voluntarism in a World Turned Upside Down Unknown Eva Schindler-Rainman Download
1991 Declaration of Commitment to Community Service (and invitation to endorse) Points of Light Foundation, Washington, DC Download
2000 The Kobe Earthquake and the Renaissance of Volunteerism in Japan (Japan) Presentation at the International Association of Volunteer Efforts World Conference, Edmonton, Canada, August 1998 Shigeo Tatsuki Download
1983 Voluntarism Commemorative Stamp U.S. Postal Service Download
2001 Thoughts at the Re-Dedication of the Time Capsule: Susan Ellis' Guess at the Future of Volunteerism Remarks at the rededication of Ivan Scheier's Time Capsule, September 20, 2001 Susan J. Ellis Download
1984 The Volunteer Administrator (early database system) Micromasters, Asheville, NC Download
1979 A Description of the Issues (conference topics) National Conference on Volunteerism, San Antonio Download
1989 Harriet Naylor Distinguished Member Service Award: Acceptance Speech by Susan J. Ellis Association for Volunteer Administration Susan J. Ellis Download
1982 Volunteering in Government Act of 1982 U.S. Senate, Congressional Record, March 11, 1982 Download
1998 International Year of Volunteers 2001 -- Resolution Adopted by the U.N. General Assembly United Nations General Assembly Download
1986 "With that last suggestion alone, you just earned your pay!" -- A Volunteer Consultant's Story Personal writing. Ivan H. Scheier Download
1980 Congressional Amendment: To Establish a National Commission on Volunteerism Congressional Record Download
1988 Corporate Philanthropy -- View from the Executive Floor (speech) Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the Independent Sector, Houston, TX, October 24, 1988 Robert V. Van Fossan Download
1970? Volunteer Administration as Professional Work Personal white paper Harriet H. Naylor Download
1981 Needed: A "We Decade" Speech at the Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition of the Darien Community Council, Darien, CT Vin Hoey Download
1981 The Changing Role of Women in Volunteerism Speech delivered to the Y.W.C.A, Seattle, WA, February 27, 198, as reprinted in VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY by Alton S. Cartwright Mary M. Gates Download
1986 Community Service is Essential to Your Constitution Commencement Address, Bradford College, May 1986 Brian O'Connell Download
1988 Tales of a Bleeding Heart: How much change will my money buy? MS Magazine, March 1988 Mary Kay Blakely Download
1980 An Act Creating a Legislative Commission on Volunteerism and Citizen Participation (Rhode Island) Rhode Island General Assembly Download
1976? Comments from participants in meetings of New York City municipal workers union, city personnel, & key voluntary agencies after 1975 NYC fiscal crisis. Mayor's Voluntary Action Center, New York City, NY Download
1989 State Leaders Are Wary of Federal Efforts to Link Student Aid to Volunteer Service The Chronicle of Higher Education, Volume XXXV, Number 28, March 22, 1989 Goldie Blumenstyr Download
1982 National Workshop on Voluntarism: Invitation from the White House Ronald Reagan Download
1975 Strengthening Voluntarism from the Public Sector Speech at a National council on Philanthropy Conference, December 1975 Harriet H. Naylor Download
1965 A Typical Director of Voluntary Services (2 cartoon illustrations) Unknown Download
1985 Citizenship and Community Service: Are They A Concern and Responsibility of Higher Education? Keynote address at the 1985 National Conference on Higher Education, March 17, 1985 Brian O'Connell Download
2001 Universal Declaration on the Profession of Leading and Managing Volunteers International Working Group on the Profession, convened by the Association for Volunteer Administration, Richmond, VA Download
1981 President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives: Key Missions, Members, and Remarks by Chairman Download
1989 AVA Employer Recognition Survey (communication to CVAs & Members) Association for Volunteer Administration, Boulder, CO Download
1977 Dynamics of Volunteerism in Human Service Organizations ASPA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, April 1977 Harriet H. Naylor Download
1987 "What do you do?" (cartoon) Unknown Download
1978 Wasted Resources: Handicapped, Youth, Aged and Retiring Volunteerism Consortium, University of California at Davis, February 26, 1978 (speech) Harriet H. Naylor Download
1988 Volunteering Is Good for Your Health (TODAY Show interview) TODAY Show, Interview with Allan Luks, Institute for the Advancement of Health, March 1, 1988 Download
1979? Volunteers -- An Endangered Species or New Breed National 4-H Conference (speech) Harriet H. Naylor Download
1980 Remarks of Senator Dave Durenberger, National Conference on Volunteerism, October 12, 1980 National Conference on Volunteerism, October 1980 Download
1984 Tournament of Roses Parade: A Salute to the Volunteer Has Local Impact (media advisory) Mayor's Voluntary Action Center, Office of the Mayor, New York, NY Download
1978 Where Are We Now? U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Volunteer Development, May 1978 Harriet H. Naylor Download
2000 Questionnaire: Comparative Study of Volunteers Managers (Administrators) in Scotland and the USA (SCOTLAND) Scottish Association of Volunteers Managers Download
1991 Service Learning from A to Z: Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve Vermont Schoolhouse Press, Chester, VT 1991 Cynthia Parsons Book Download
1999 The GRANDfriends Project: A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations (Leader's Guide) Fairview Press, Minneapolis, MN Martin Kimeldorf Book Download
1999 What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers Energize Jarene Frances Lee Book Download
1999 Focus on Volunteering KOPY KIT® Energize Susan J. Ellis Book Download
1989 Dealing With Difficult Volunteers VMSystems, Volunteer Management Series Marilyn MacKenzie Book Download
2003 Proof Positive: Developing Significant Volunteer Recordkeeping Systems, 21st Century Edition Energize Susan J. Ellis, Katherine H. (Noyes) Campbell Book Download
2008 Visionary Leadership in Volunteer Programs: Insight and Inspiration from the Speeches of Marlene Wilson Energize Marlene Wilson Book Download
2002 The Volunteer Recruitment (and Membership Development) Book Energize Susan J. Ellis Book Download
1992 Volunteer Recognition Skit Kit Energize Arlene Grubbs, Evelyn Levine Book Download