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1984 'Barefoot Doctors' in Rural Georgia: The Effect of Peer Selection on the Performance of Trained Volunteers
School of Public Health, Dept. of Healh Planning and Administration, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Bonnie Kay Article Download
2002 'The Inflatable Log' : Volunteering, the State and Democracy
Paper presented at the Annual ARNOVA Conference, Montreal, QB, Canada November 2002 Justin Davis Smith Report / Study Download
2010 "A rose by any other name..." Revisiting the question: "what exactly is volunteering?"
Institute for Volunteering Research, London UK Angela Ellis Paine, Matthew Hill, Colin Rochester Report / Study Download
1985 "A Volunteer By Any other Name" -- What's Your Definition of Volunteering?
Voluntary Action Leadership, Winter 1985 Stephen H. McCurley Article Download
1995 "Banking" Volunteer Hours
Journal of Volunteer Administration Sandra E. Cann, Virginia W. Junk, Linda K. Fox Article Download
1976 "Career Development for Volunteer Administrators" (conference workshop)
1976 AAVA / AVAS National Conference, Boston, MA October 6-9 1976 Ronald A. Esposito Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1982 "Contribution by Volunteers" (sample proclamation)
Association of Art Museum Directors, Savannah, GA Sample Download
1997 "Full Circle" Volunteering
Energize, Inc. Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1988 "Give Five" Campaign (sample ads)
Independent Sector Sample Download
1992 "Growing" Volunteers (for municipal & county planning boards)
Planning Commissioners Journal, Number 6, September/October 1993 M. Eileen Hennessy Article Download
1980 "I'm A Volunteer -- I'm Ten Feet Tall!" - Opportunities for Youth in the Volunteer World
New Designs for Youth Development, Associates for Youth Development, Inc., November-December 1980 Eva Schindler-Rainman Article Download
2003 "It Shouldn't Be This Difficult": The Views of Agencies and Persons with Disabilities on Supported Volunteering
Journal of Volunteer Administration Linda L. Graff, John A Vedell Article
1991 "Just Do It!": High-Risk Teenagers Help Themselves While Helping Others
Journal of Volunteer Administration Marilyn Smith, Michael J. Havercamp Article Download
2001 "Kibbitz and Ride": a Grassroots Volunteer Effort to Address Transportation Needs of the Frail Elderly in South Florida
Journal of Volunteer Administration Marcy Bezark, Joan Ensink Article Download
1993 "The Changing Nature of Volunteerism" from the National Task Force Report of the American Symphony Orchestra League Americanizing the American Orchestra
Journal of Volunteer Administration Connie Pirtle Article Download
2007 "The Value of Volunteers" Lesson Plan
VolunteerIN: 4-H toolkit for Success, Vol 1, January 2007 Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1987 "What do you do?" (cartoon)
Unknown Download
1986 "With that last suggestion alone, you just earned your pay!" -- A Volunteer Consultant's Story
Personal writing. Ivan H. Scheier Download
1999 "Yes, but what will we do?" -- Ideas for International Year of Volunteers 2001
United Nations Volunteers Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2010 (Help!) I-Don't-Have-Enough-Time Guide to Volunteer Management, The

Presents a step-by-step framework for creating a team approach to volunteer management, includes how to map the boundaries of the leader's job and clarify expectations, find administrative volunteers and put them to work in vital ways, and share ownership and the work of the volunteer involvement with everyone in your organization. Includes an appendix of electronic volunteerism resources and a detailed task analysis of what it takes to lead volunteer involvement successfully.

Paperback/Kindle version is available for a cost on Amazon: US | UK

Energize, Inc. Katherine H. (Noyes) Campbell, Susan J. Ellis Book Download
1965 100,000 Hours A Week: Volunteers In Services To Youth and Families
Conference Report, National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhoods, New York, NY Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1986 101 Ideas for Volunteer Programs

Over the course of training more than 20,000 leaders of volunteers, volunteer engagement experts Steve McCurley and Sue Vineyard gathered this collection of odd ideas and useful thoughts about running a volunteer engagement program, including subjects such as recruiting, screening, interviewing, and supervising volunteers. In their words, the book “is, quite simply, a place to start from, a place to browse in, and a place, finally, to steal [ideas] from.”

Heritage Arts Sue Vineyard, Steve McCurley Book Download
1995 101 More Ideas for Volunteer Programs

A continuation of the previously published 101 Ideas for Volunteer Programs. Steve McCurley and Sue Vineyard collect even more practical ideas for engaging volunteers and, this time, include thoughts on improving the role of director of volunteer involvement: problem-solving skills, time management ideas, training techniques, and ways to manage organizational change.

Heritage Arts Sue Vineyard, Steve McCurley Book Download
1977 101 Ways to Give Recognition to Volunteers
Voluntary Action Leadership, Winter 1977 Vern Lake Article Download
1987 101 Ways to Raise Resources

Similar to the previously published 101 Ideas for Volunteer Programs, this book presents hundreds of ideas and thoughts, often in the form of lists, about fundraising (and friend-raising), all collected by Steve McCurley and Sue Vineyard, experts in volunteer engagement. 

Heritage Arts Publishing Sue Vineyard, Steve McCurley Book Download
1979 15 Ways companies can support nonprofit groups without cash contributions
Management Review, September 1979 Frank Koch Article Download
2001 16th IAVE World Conference -- Amsterdam, the Netherlands
International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), January 2001 Sample Download
1967 1967 Annual Forum National Conference on Social Welfare
United Community Funds and Councils of America Report / Study Download
1976 1975 Census of the Profession of Volunteer Leadership
National Information Center on Volunteerism, Inc., Boulder, CO A.C. Gowdey Report / Study Download
1975 1975 Legislation & Regulations
Voluntary Action Leadership, Fall 1975 Eugene Goldman Article Download
1976 1976 Summary of AAVS legal process and related documents
Association for Volunteer Administration archives Download
1978 1978 AAVS Plans for Involving Local and State Volunteer Director Associations
Association for Volunteer Administration archives Download
1978 1978 Alliance for Volunteerism funding for AAVS
Association for Volunteer Administration archives Download
1980 1980 AVA - AVAS - AVB Joint Conference Program
Association for Volunteer Administration archives Download
1983 1983 Field Test and Assessment of a Certification Program for Administrators of Volunteers
Association for Volunteer Administration archives Sarah Jane Rehnborg Report / Study Download
1984 1983 VAC Survey: Supporting the Volunteer Community
Voluntary Action Leadership, Winter 1984 Report / Study Download
1983 1983 VAC Survey: Supporting the Volunteer Community
VOLUNTEER: The National Center Stephen H. McCurley Report / Study Download
1986-87 1986 Directory of Volunteerism (and 1987 Supplement): "Yellow Pages of Resources for Leaders of Volunteers
Yellowfire Press, Boulder, CO Ivan H. Scheier Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1986 1986 Tax Deductions for Volunteers
Voluntary Action Leadership, Fall 1986 Article Download
1988 1987 Public Hearings on Volunteerism: Collection of White Papers
Minnesota Office of Volunteer Services, Department of Administration, St. Paul, MN Report / Study Download
1987 1987 Tax Deductions for Volunteers
Voluntary Action Leadership, Spring/Summer 1987 Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1989 1988-89 Update of Programs in Volunteer Management in Colleges and Universities
Journal of Volunteer Administration Joanne Holbrook Patton Article Download
AVA Region III Sample Download
2001 2001 International Year of Volunteers (2 United Nations Volunteers brochures)
United Nations Volunteers Sample Download
2001 2001 International Year of Volunteers (U.S. brochure)
U.S. IYV Committee Sample Download
2002 2002 AVA Distinguished Service Awards - Nomination Materials
Association for Volunteer Administration, Richmond, VA Sample Download
2002 2002 Survey on Volunteerism in Singapore (Singapore)
National Volunteer Center, Singapore Report / Study Download
2006 25 Ways to Catch and Keep Volunteers
PTO Today, April 2006 Craig Bystrynski Article Download
1987 3 Steps to Successful Screening of Volunteers
Voluntary Action Leadership, Fall/Winter 1987 Nancy Macduff Article Download
1979 38 Techniques for Recruiting Volunteers: A Checklist
Public Management Institute Handout / Fact Sheet Download