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2003 Building Staff Volunteer Relations

Helps employees and volunteers work together successfully by exploring the reasons for conflict between volunteers and employees. Scheier eases the all-too-common stresses of this relationship with a step-by-step process for analyzing tasks and work preferences for both paid and unpaid staff. Offers a great number of creative and practical solutions. Contains lots of useful planning guides.

Energize Ivan H. Scheier Book Download
1980 Building the Collaborative Community

From the preface: The authors of this book are social scientists with practical and tested strategies for rebuilding collaborative communities. An important feature of this book is that the authors are not prescriptive-they don't tell you what should be done; they are descriptive - they tell you what has been done that you can draw on. They are reporting on their own action research, done while serving as consultants to eighty-eight communities. From this rich experience they are able to portray a variety of strategies adaptable to a variety of situations.

University of California Extension Eva Schindler-Rainman, Ronald Lippitt Book Download
1975 Building Volunteer Staff into an Agency's Organizational Structure
University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service, Leonardtown, MD Hope M. Martin Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1989 Bush Plan to Stimulate Volunteerism Gets Cool Reception from Charities (article and text of President's speech)
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, July 11, 1989 Vince Stehle Article Download
1986 Business People Volunteer 1986: A Survey and Analysis
Journal of Volunteer Administration Joanne Holbrook Patton Article
1987 But That's Not What My Mom Does (a book about volunteers)

This is the story of a young girl's search to discover what exactly is a volunteer. Written for elementary-aged children, the book explores the concepts that the image of volunteering can differ greatly, and the opportunities to help our community are endless.  

Why Not Publishing Co., 1987 Wendy Hollo Book Download
2005 By the People: A History of Americans as Volunteers, New Century Edition

By the People remains the only book available presenting the full scope and depth of volunteer activity throughout three centuries of American history. Originally published in 1978, Susan Ellis and Katie Campbell reissued this revised New Century Edition in 2005. The book challenges misunderstandings about the role of volunteers and illuminates the impact of volunteers throughout history.

Energize Susan J. Ellis, Katherine H. (Noyes) Campbell Book Download
Unknown Campaign Job Descriptions and Staffing Tips
Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1987 Campus Compact (fact sheet & articles)
Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1988 Canada Gives: Trends and Attitudes Towards Charitable Giving and Voluntarism (Canada)
The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy Report / Study Download
1997 Canadian Code For Volunteer Involvement (Canada)
Volunteer Canada, Ottawa, ON Canada Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2000 Candy Striper, My Ass!
FORTUNE magazine, July 2000 Jason Tanz, Theodore Spencer Article Download
1993 Capitalize on Volunteerism and Citizen Participation (Texas legislature recommendations)
Against the Grain, January 1993 Report / Study Download
Unknown Careers: Making Life-Work Experience Pay Off
Carol Krucoff Article Download
2002 Caring Canadians, Involved Canadians: Highlights from the 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (Canada)
Journal of Volunteer Administration Article Download
1985 CAs and Charities: The Value of Volunteering (Canada)
CAmagazine, October 1985 Elizabeth Abraham, Carol Loughrey Article Download
1999 Celebrating Professional Development Together: International Conferences for Volunteer Administration
Journal of Volunteer Administration Article Download
1989 Center for Informal Education (The Netherlands)
Paper presented a 1989 European Symposium on the Role of Voluntary Associations in the Cuture Jo Houben Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1985 Certification in Volunteer Administration Program: Portfolio packet & brochure
Association for Volunteer Administration, Boulder, CO Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2004 Challenges of International Online Volunteering: Re-Learning Words, Transcending Boundaries
Journal of Volunteer Administration Jayne Cravens Article Download
1991 Changes, Challenges, and Choices -- Now and in the Future
Paper given at the ACTION Region V Conference, March 20, 1991 Eva Schindler-Rainman Report / Study Download
1995 Changing the Paradigm: Self-Assessment Kit

This Self-Assessment Process is an organizational change management tool for guiding staff, leadership, board, and other volunteers to examine the effectiveness of volunteer engagement. The Kit contains a Team Leader's Resource Book, a Team Member Book, and a survey.

Kenn Allen Book Download
1985 Changing the Rules: Social Security and Volunteering (United Kingdom)
The Volunteer Centre UK Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1993 Changing Trends in Volunteerism (collections of excerpts from various sources)
USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area Community Involvement Workshop, February 1993 Susan Norris Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1984 Characteristics of a Well-Operated Volunteer Center
VOLUNTEER: The National Center Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1984 Children As Volunteers: Learning Early to be Contributors
What's New in Home Economics, January 1984 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1984 Children as volunteers: To serve is a chance to grow
PTA Today, March 1984 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1991 Children As Volunteers: Preparing for Community Service

How to incorporate  children into an adult volunteer program and find creative ways to use  children's fresh perspectives. Includes examples of actual volunteer  projects accomplished by youngsters, models of child-adult teams and  tips on family volunteering.  Learn how to recruit, train and design  assignments for volunteers under the age of 14. 

Energize Katherine H. (Noyes) Campbell, Susan J. Ellis Book Download
1983 Children Should Be Seen AND Heard -- as Volunteers
Voluntary Action Leadership, Summer 1983 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
2002 Church Puzzle Game

An interactive group activity for religious leaders for analyzing how their congregations work, conducting an organizational analysis of their organization, and identifying areas that deserve further attention. Though The Church Puzzle Game uses the word ‘‘church” in its title and instructions, the content of the Game was written with the intention to help any faith community, religious body, or house of worship.

Energize, Inc. Susan J. Ellis Book Download
1978 Church Volunteer Administration: Similarities and Differences
Volunteer Administration, Association for Volunteer Administration, 1978 Janet Richards Article Download
1977 Citizen Participation -- What others say...What others do
Mid-Atlantic Center for Community Education, School of Education, University of Virginia September 1977 John W. Warden Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1960 Citizen Volunteer

Written in 1960 primarily for the volunteer but also for professional social workers and those who work in the social realm, this book presents a collection of writings exploring the facets of volunteer service at the time. Contributors include executives, supervisors, professors, volunteer involvement directors, and individual volunteers themselves and, therefore, offering diverse points of view.

Harper & Brothers Nathan E. Cohen Book Download
1985 Citizenship and Community Service: Are They A Concern and Responsibility of Higher Education?
Keynote address at the 1985 National Conference on Higher Education, March 17, 1985 Brian O'Connell Download
1989 Code of Ethics - Western Association of Directors of Volunteers (Canada)
WADV (Western Association of Directors of Volunteers), British Columbia, Canada Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1970's-90's Collection of Volunteer-Related Buttons
Susan J. Ellis personal collection Sample Download
1982 College Criminal Justice Volunteerism Courses: An Area of Neglect
Journal of Volunteer Administration Charles M. Unkovic, William R. Brown, Beverly Wicks Article Download
1976 College Students as Volunteers
National Center for Voluntary Action Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1969 College Volunteers: A Guide to Action, Helping students to help others
National Program for Voluntary Action, Washington, DC James Tanck Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2000? Come Back to School. A Child Needs You.
New York City School Volunteer Program Sample Download
1976? Comments from participants in meetings of New York City municipal workers union, city personnel, & key voluntary agencies after 1975 NYC fiscal crisis.
Mayor's Voluntary Action Center, New York City, NY Download
1978 Community and the Bank 1977
Bank of America Sample Download
1982 Community Group Leadership
Journal of Volunteer Administration Mele Koneya Article Download
1977 Community Involvement for Classroom Teachers
Mid-Atlantic Center for Community Education, School of Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Donna L. Hager & Others Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1980 Community Relations & Volunteerism
Human Resources Network, Philadelphia, PA Download
1980 Community Service and the Secondary School (United Kingdom)
National Youth Bureau, Leicester United Kingdom Malcolm Groves Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1986 Community Service is Essential to Your Constitution
Commencement Address, Bradford College, May 1986 Brian O'Connell Download
1978 Community Service or Meaningless Ritual?
TV Guide, June 3, 1978 Article Download
1993 Community Service: Mandatory or Voluntary?
Generations Together "Exchange", Winter 1993 Article Download
1999 Community Volunteering and National Service Graphic Vision and Strategy Identification Process
The Points of Light Foundation, Corporation for National Service and National Service Leadership Institute Handout / Fact Sheet Download