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1988 Volunteer Center 1998 National Volunteer Week Activities Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1980's Bridging the Gap: Teaching Staff to Work with Volunteers Stephen H. McCurley, Kathleen Brown Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1980 The Task Enrichment Checklist Ivan H. Scheier Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1987 Town Meeting Simulation (An Exercise) Susan J. Ellis Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1983 Volunteer Mileage Bill: Congresswoman Mikulski Press Release & Legislation Barbara A. Mikulski Download
Unknown Volunteers (instructions for managing campaign volunteers) Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1984 Performance Based Assessment Program for Certification in Volunteer Administration (description & process packet) Pamphlet / Booklet Download
Unknown Campaign Job Descriptions and Staffing Tips Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1992 Making It Happen! - Involving Black Volunteers (United Kingdom) Rodney Hedley, Gerald Rampersad Pamphlet / Booklet
Unknown Mail Day (instructions for campaign volunteers) Handout / Fact Sheet Download
2000's Supervising the Invisible Volunteer Stephen H. McCurley Handout / Fact Sheet Download
Unknown Voluntary Organizations in the Breach: Issues in Times of Massive Soviet Immigration (Israel) Julie Cwikel, Elazar Leshem Article Download
1975 Sample Recordkeeping Forms Sample Download
198? Taiwan Care Center (Taiwan) Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2000's Volunteers from Hell: Handling Problem Behavior Stephen H. McCurley Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1987 Campus Compact (fact sheet & articles) Handout / Fact Sheet Download
Unknown Careers: Making Life-Work Experience Pay Off Carol Krucoff Article Download
1984 Associations of Volunteer Directors in North America: A DOVIA Directory 1984 Ivan H. Scheier Report / Study Download
1982 National Workshop on Voluntarism: Invitation from the White House Ronald Reagan Download
Unknown How does volunteering pay off? Deidre Berzok Article Download
1991 Multicultural Perspectives: History of Volunteerism in America Judy Rauner Report / Study Download
1980's? Glossary of Volunteering Terms Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1988 Security Pacific Designates July 17-23 "Volunteer Appreciation Week" (media release) Sample Download
2001 Institute for Advanced Studies in Volunteer Management (curriculum handouts) Susan J. Ellis, Stephen H. McCurley, Rick Lynch, Sue Vineyard Handout / Fact Sheet
1981 President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives: Key Missions, Members, and Remarks by Chairman Download
1976 Outline of Orientation and Training Program for New Workers in the Big Brother Program Thomas E. Weber Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1982 Ten Challenges for Volunteer Managers in the Army Community Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1981 Coordinator of Volunteers: Sample Job Description Sample Download
1985 First Anniversary of National Volunteer Firefighter's Recognition Day Sample Download
1974 Profile of Volunteer-Staff Characteristics Marlene Wilson Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1977 Professional Development for Volunteer Coordinators in School Volunteer Programs Harriet H. Naylor Article Download
1977 Some of the world's most talented people have never been paid a cent... Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1975 Needed: Professional Competence for Volunteer Administration Harriet H. Naylor Article Download
1979 Administration of Voluntary Service as Professional Work Harriet H. Naylor Article Download
1984? Join the National DOVIA Network Pamphlet / Booklet Download
2000 Creating High Impact Jobs for Volunteers Stephen H. McCurley Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1997 Volunteers and Paid Workers: A Collaborative Approach (Australia) Joy Noble Book Download
1990's Mobilization of Rural People for Self-Help Work Through Voluntary Action (Bangladesh) (International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) Gamini Gunasingha Article Download
1979 Current Definitions (various) Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1976 "Career Development for Volunteer Administrators" (conference workshop) 1976 AAVA / AVAS National Conference, Boston, MA October 6-9 1976 Ronald A. Esposito Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1977 Youth Volunteering 1977 Southwest Regional Confrence of the Child Welfare League of America, April 1977 Harriet H. Naylor Article Download
1986 Get Up, Get Out, Volunteer! 50 PLUS magazine, July 1986 Margaret Opsata Article Download
1997 Volunteers Are Not Free 501-c-3 Monthly Letter, Volume 17, Number 7, July 1997 Susan J. Ellis Article Download
1997 Factors Related to Volunteer Commitment in Church-Related Services A Dissertation submitted to National Catholic School of Social Service of The Catholic University of America, 1997 Marilyn Christian Nelson Report / Study Download
2000 Supporting Active Communities in Scotland: A Draft Strategy for Volunteering and Community Action (Scotland) A report by the Scottish Active Communities Working Group, The Scottish Executive, Edinburgh Scotland Report / Study Download
1962 Volunteer and Professional Staff: 1962 Models A series of papers presented at the 89th Annual Forum National Conference on Social Welfare, May 31, 1962 Report / Study Download
1989 Volunteers in the Nineties From the Director's Viewpoint AAMV (American Association of Museum Volunteers) magazine, Fall 1989 John R. Brumgardt Article Download
2000 Volunteerism in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities - conversations with national voluntary organizations AARP Jeanne H. Bradner Report / Study Download
2005 Day of Service 2005 AARP Sample Download
1987 For the Public Good (cover story, several articles) ABA Journal, December 1, 1987 Article Download