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1947 Volunteers in Social Service National Travelers Aid Association, New York, NY Dorothy H. Sills Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1947 Volunteer Workers The National Committee for Mental Hygiene, Inc., New York, NY Nathan S. Kline Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1958 The Bill of Rights and Code of Responsibility for Volunteers Hospitals magazine, Journal of American Hospital Associations. 32:41, February 1, 1958 Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1960 The Emerging Role of Volunteer Bureaus As Seen Through the Opinions and Attitudes of Community Welfare Executives Health and Welfare Council, Inc., Philadelphia, PA July 1960 Report / Study Download
1961 Field Work for the Undergraduate Pre-Professional Student Council on Volunteers, Philadelphia, PA Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1962 Volunteer and Professional Staff: 1962 Models A series of papers presented at the 89th Annual Forum National Conference on Social Welfare, May 31, 1962 Report / Study Download
1962 The Significance of the Volunteer on the American Scene: Summary Report and Appraisal Workshop National Social Welfare Assembly, New York, NY, April 17, 1962 Report / Study Download
1963 Probing Volunteer-Staff Relations: a kit and manual for organizational self-inventory Council of National Organizations for Adult Education, New York, NY Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1965 100,000 Hours A Week: Volunteers In Services To Youth and Families Conference Report, National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhoods, New York, NY Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1965 Workshop Summary, The Association of Volunteer Bureaus of America (presentations about trends) Summary of presentations a the 1965 Annual Forum National Conference on Social Welfare, Atlantic city, NJ May 25-27, 1965 Report / Study Download
1965 A Typical Director of Voluntary Services (2 cartoon illustrations) Unknown Download
1966 Principles of Volunteer Service American National Red Cross Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1966 You and Your Volunteers: A Partnership That Works (A guide for supervisors) Department of Social Welfare, State of New York Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1967 New Ministries of the Church Chapter 14, The Church Creative: A Reader on the Revival of the Church, Abingdon Press, Nashville. R. Edward Dowdy Article Download
1967 National Register of Volunteer Jobs in Court Settings The National Information Center on Volunteers in Courts, Boulder, CO Ivan H. Scheier, Ursula Davies, Marilyn Jorrie, Ronald Matson Report / Study Download
1968 The Development of Volunteer Services in a Community Mental Health Center Maimonides Medical Center, Community Mental Health Center, Brooklyn, NY Dorothea Smith Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1969 Exploring the New Worlds of Voluntarism: A Workshop for Directors of Volunteer Programs in Health Facilities and Community Agencies University of Maryland, December 1969 Stanley Levin, Evelyn Swartz Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1969 AMERICANS VOLUNTEER (national survey on volunteering) U.S. Department of Labor, Manpower Administration, April 1969 Report / Study Download
1969 VOLUNTEERISM: presentation at workshop on volunteer staff relations Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Inc., February 25, 1969 Harriet H. Naylor Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1969 College Volunteers: A Guide to Action, Helping students to help others National Program for Voluntary Action, Washington, DC James Tanck Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1969 Volunteers Look at Corrections Joint Commission on Correctional Manpower and Training, Washington, DC, February 1969 Report / Study Download
1970 Staff Guide for Volunteer Resources Office of Mental Health, Office of Mental Retardation, Department of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sample Download
1970's A Self Help Group in Action Volunteer Administration, Association for Volunteer Administration, Volume XI Number 4 Norma G. Feinberg Article Download
1970's Bridging the Gap Between Church and Community VMA Associate Marlene Wilson Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1970's Master of Arts: Planning and Administration of Volunteer Programs Antioch College/Maryland Report / Study Download
1970's Recruitment: A Supermarket of Volunteers Unknown Carol L. Barbeito, Robert Hoel Article Download
1970's The Volunteer and The Picket Line: Parts 1 & 2 The Volunteer Leader Brandy Rommel Article Download
1970's Principles and Elements of a Successful Voluntary Action Center The National Center for Voluntary Action Report / Study Download
1970's-'80s Erma Bombeck Columns on Volunteers (several articles) Several newspapers Erma Bombeck Article Download
1970's-90's Collection of Volunteer-Related Buttons Susan J. Ellis personal collection Sample Download
1970's? A Brief History of DOVIA Los Angeles DOVIA newsletter Article Download
1970? Volunteer Administration as Professional Work Personal white paper Harriet H. Naylor Download
1971 Volunteers Help Youth U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Social and Rehabilitation Service Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1971 The Volunteer Community: creative use of human resources Center for a Voluntary Society, Washington, DC Eva Schindler-Rainman, Ronald Lippitt Book Download
1971 Volunteer Drivers Excess Automobile Liability Insurance (information & application) National Program for Voluntary Action, Washington, DC Handout / Fact Sheet Download
1971 Handbook on Volunteers in Army Community Service Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1971 Insurance Coverage for Court Volunteers The National Information Center on Volunteers in Courts, Boulder, CO Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1971 Recruiting Minority Group and Low Income People as Court Volunteers The National Information Center on Volunteerism, Boulder, CO January 1971 Theresa Yancey, Sandra McFeeley, Phyllis C. Lake, Ivan H. Scheier Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1971 Volunteer Courts in America: The New Decade 1971-1979 The National Information Center on Volunteers in Courts, Boulder, CO Ivan H. Scheier, Louise H. Allen Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1972 Memo re Volunteer Functions & Role Definitions Special Services Office, Family Court of Philadelphia Susan J. Ellis Sample Download
1972 American Voluntarism: An Anti-History with Anti-Heroines University of California, Irvine Lucille Kuehn Report / Study Download
1972 A Workshop for Directors of Volunteers: A University-Community Effort in Philadelphia National Center for Voluntary Action, Washington, DC Tessie B. Okin, Carolyn K. Wiener Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1973 Philanthropy: Still the Corporate Stepchild Business and Society Review/Innovation, Spring 1973, Number 5 Frank Koch Article Download
1973 How to Assure Responsible Volunteering in a Rehabilitation Facility Goodwill Industries of America, Inc., National Auxiliary to Goodwill Industries Stanley Levin Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1973 Training: What Do Volunteers Want? Voluntary Action News, May 1973 Article Download
1973 ABC's of School Volunteers: Help wanted in all public and private schools Channing L. Bete Co., Inc., South Deerfield, MA Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1973 VOLUNTEERS (special issue of Christian Ministry magazine - multiple articles) The Christian Ministry, Vol. IV, Number 3, May 1973 Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1973 Managing 4-H Volunteer Staff Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC September 1973 Hope M. Martin Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1973 The Development of a Training Programme for Co-ordinators of Volunteer Programmes Volunteer Bureau of Greater Vancouver, BC Canada John C. Anderson, Robert B. Dougans Pamphlet / Booklet Download
1973 Report: First National Conference, Education for Voluntary Action National Center for Voluntary Action, Department of Education and Training, and the University of Michigan Extension Service, October 21-24, 1973 Report / Study Download